Founder/CEO Rocco Priore moved to Stouffville in 2003 and envisioned himself owning and operating one of the largest childcare facilities in Ontario. Pursuing his dream Rocco has solely founded and operated Country Casa Montessori Daycare & Academy. Rocco is very passionate about Country Casa contributing to a lot of charity and community events such as Christmas toy drives, backpack drives and Santa Claus parades throughout various communities in the area. Rocco has been in the industry for over 20 years and has successfully turned Country Casa into an Award-Winning Montessori Daycare and Private School combining both ECE and Montessori into the curriculum.

Because Every Child Deserves a Happy, Supportive, and Healthy Childhood

CCMD is an award-winning childcare and private elementary academy located in Ballantrae, Stouffville. What we offer is an array of educational and developmental programs for every child, based on their age group and individual development. We take great care in selecting the team with the responsibility of caring for and educating our children at CCMD. Maximum support is provided to both the parent and the child, thereby creating a unique learning environment that nurtures, engages and protects, while sparking the child’s interests aiding in personal development. We believe in providing an enriching experience for every child, which in turn offers them a glorious opportunity for emotional, social, intellectual, and physical growth.

Custom Programs

All our programs are tailored to build the child holistically while also triggering curiosity and encouraging mastery of the environment. From a tested and proven educational and developmental program to the development of healthy eating habits using special organic home meals made from organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs freshly grown in our very own backyard, CCMD’s top priority is your child’s wellbeing.

As part of our relationship-based care, we also organize summer camps to provide a different but suitable environment for exploration and learning. The day adventures on property and family‑friendly events include our brand new accessible playground, sports track and field, indoor gymnasium, animal feeding, harvesting, and gardening, as well as a variety of on‑premise special events.

Our Values and Traditions

Foster caring relationships within the CCMD family. Promote healthy eating habits and empower the children with the knowledge to make smart dietary choices. Attend to the emotional needs of the children while also promoting personal development and creating a positive environment suitable to enhance their confidence and independence. Encourage creativity, productivity, and instill a problem‑solving mindset. Encourage self‑help skills. Show children to respect and cooperate within a group in a caring social environment. Create a safe and accepting atmosphere where love reigns and children learn to accept the similarities and differences among individuals.