Committed to Providing Children With a Holistic Education

Montessori is an educational approach that strongly believes that the best learning environment for children is one that nurtures their exploration in order to build on personal strengths. CCMD Montessori program provides children (up to 8th grade) with an education that assists them in their path towards academic success and development. Our certified and highly skilled Registered Early Childhood Practitioners, Child and Youth Practitioners, Early Interventionists, and Ontario Certified Teachers have a hands‑on approach tailored to promoting the development of physical, emotional, and intellectual growth. At CCMD, the program is not preplanned. This allows teachers to aid in the interest of each individual child. Activities and lessons based on the interest of the children are made assessable throughout the day. This allows the teachers to observe and assist in individual development through exploration. Activities will be set up in each classroom depending on age and personal development. The child, in turn, determines their interests on a daily basis while the teacher carefully observes their progress and presents new materials/activities once the child is ready. This will help each and every child develop independently at their own pace.

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